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Forest management

Thinning is all about the future

The objective of thinning is to create and establish conditions for strong growth and thus a valuable stand. Trees that are suboptimal, damaged, suppressed or too densely packed are removed. This allows space to grow for other trees with more promising prospects. Trees with the best opportunities for growth – known as “main stems” – are prioritised.

Time to question 4-metre strip roads

We believe that it is wrong to come barging in with large machines that require at least 4-metre-wide strip roads (thinning racks) in sensitive young forest. But this is the procedure for most mechanical thinning in Sweden. Irrespective of whether it is a first or second thinning. Instead, we recommend stand-operative thinning using machines that are just two metres wide and do not require strip roads in the conventional sense. Smaller machines have the capacity to cross back and forth between trees in standing forest.

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