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Continuity forestry

Continuity forestry

Preserve the forest feel with precision

The debate on alternatives to traditional forestry is hot right now. Instead of clearcutting an area when the stand reaches maturity, non-forestry methods aim to ensure that the forest land always has a tree layer. There are several methods that fall under the umbrella of continuity forestry, the common feature being that they require a higher degree of precision and selectivity to preserve the “forest feel”.

Malwa does not manufacture any pure felling harvesters – however, it is becoming more common, both in Sweden and abroad, for Malwa’s forwarders to be used successfully in combination with manual picking. Often, it is scattered trees with a particularly sought-after quality that must be felled. To access the wood with a larger machine, you would have to cut down trees just to prepare the way. Instead, they have chosen to go in with Malwa’s compact forwarder to collect the wood – without having to worry about surrounding trees.

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